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Software Developer

I'm a student at Basecamp Coding Academy.It is Located in Water Valley, MS, Base Camp Coding Academy (BCCA) is a hands-on, challenging and fun program, designed to train students to be software developers in 12 months. In a small classroom setting, you will work with real world technologies to learn the fundamentals of coding, app development and the life leadership skills you will need to be successful in your career and competitive in the job market.

Oxford High School

I graduated from Oxford High in 2016. Oxford High School was the place where I learned many academic skills and learned to apply those skills into real life situations.


Projects created In Basecamp!


A virtual Basecamp appearel store!

Basecamp Motors

Virtual Auto dealership!

Halloween Themed Connect Four!

Connect Four Game with a "spooky" surprise!

Memory Game!

Memory Game with a little spice of Basecamp!


Python based game with Tkinter

Restarant Locator

find Restaurants near you!


  • 2012-2016

    Oxford High School Football

    Playing football for Oxford high was probably the most fun extracurricular activity but also the most challenging one with no doubt. Playing footbal didn't just showed me the aspects of the game but it also applied important principles in my life. During my years of playing football, We were able to play for the MHSAA 5A State Championship for 3 consecutive years.

  • 2012-2016

    Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officers Training Program

    I was a member of the MCJROTC program in High school.This program capitalizes on its mission to provide a course of leadership education designed to develop informed citizens, strengthening character by the teaching of discipline, and developing the understanding of the responsibilities of citizenship.

  • 2010 - present

    El Nopalito Mexican Grill

    My family has always been involved in the Mexican Restaurants, so when they thought I was old enough to handle a basic position in the restaurant, they put me up to work on the weekends starting at 13 years old.They believed learning to have a good work ethic could lead you to the path of success. I enjoyed earning my own money so i didn't mind having that type of responsibility. I currently work as an Assistant Manager while im not at school.

  • 2015-2016

    Litter Brigade Squad

    Litter Brigade is an after school activity which students volunteer to pick up litter around their area.This program got a lot of recognition because our involvement helped keep Oxford clean and beautiful!

  • Thanks

Our Amazing Instructors

Instructors of Basecamp Coding Academy.

Sean Anthony

BCCA Instructor

Kagan Coughlin

Founder of BCCA

Nate Clark

BCCA instructor

These people help and teach us to achieve a successful career in Software development.

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Phone Number: 1(931)-200-0502